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      1. Culligan AC-30 Replacement Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Cartridge Set

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        Compatible Replacement Cartridge & Membrane 4 Set for Culligan AC-30 Reverse Osmosis System by KleenWater

        • Generic Culligan AC-30 Reverse Osmosis Cartridge Replacement Set with Membrane (Module)
        • (1) dirt / sediment pre-filter
        • (1) carbon block post filter
        • (1) prolonged in-line carbon cartridge (Made in America by Omnipure)
        • (1) 50 gallon per day membrane (membrane material made in the USA)

        Replacement cartridge set and membrane for Culligan AC-30. Reverse osmosis cartridge 4 piece set by KleenWater.

        The KleenWater cartridges are 1.9 inch (W) X 11.62 inch (L) and rated to deliver 1.0 gallons per minute. The replacement prolonged in-line carbon cartridge is equipped with a 3/8 inch quick connect inlet / outlet. These cartridges are compatible with Culligan reverse osmosis drinking water systems. It is important to change this set every 6-12 months to ensure high quality water and optimal system performance. The membrane is compatible with Culligan part # 1224437. This is manufactured by GE and has thin film composite construction. It is rated to produce 50 gallons per day under ideal conditions. In reality the membrane should produce 3 - 5 gallons per day which should suffice for appropriate residential applications. Please note the membrane should be replaced every 4- 6 years or when the water quality and/or the filtered water volume is diminished.

        01-0125-80 compatible with KWAC-30 carbon block water filter
        01-0074-02 compatible with KWAC-30 reverse osmosis membrane
        00-4015-38 compatible with KWAC-30 sediment water filter
        01-0042-91 compatible with KWAC-30 in-line filter

        Please google or amazon search KWAC-30 if you require the cartridge set without the membrane.

        • Model: KWAC-30-membrane

        • Model: KWAC-30-membrane

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