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      1. 4CB5 Everpure Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

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        4C (4CB5) EV971716 EV9617-16 Everpure Water Filter Replacement Cartridge by KleenWater - Made in the USA

        The KleenWater KWE-1M-KDF-4CB5 cartridge boasts exceptional performance at a reduced cost. Our Kleenwater cartridge employs carbon block construction. This type of activated carbon filtration is widely accepted as superior to granular activated carbon filtration. Through the process of adsorption activated carbon can filter chlorine, taste / odor contaminants and chemicals from water.

        The carbon block is twice wrapped with polypropylene filtration sheathing. The outer wrap is rated for 5 micron dirt sediment removal followed by a 1 micron rating. This cartridge is enhanced with KDF media to inhibit scale build-up that can damage equipment. Also KDF media removes heavy metals, including lead, via the process of oxidation / reduction.

        Compatible with:
        • EV9601-00, EV9617-11, EV9617-22, EV9617-36
        • Replaces Everpure H-200 S-200 H-300
        • Everpure Filter Heads QL1, QL2, QL3, QL3B and QC4

        Performance capabilities:
        • 1 Micron Filtration
        • Greater than 95% Chlorine Reduction for 12,000 gallons @ 1.67GPM
        • Infused with KDF Media Creating a Bacteriostat for Microbial Control

        • Dimensions - 3.5 Inch x 15 inch
        • Temperature Range 35 - 100 Degrees F
        • Maximum Pressure 125 lbs PSI
        • NSF/ ANSI Certified Standard 042

        Recommended cartridge change every 6-12 months.

        • Model: KWE-1M-KDF-4CB5

        • Model: KWE-1M-KDF-4CB5

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